Humans are hard wired so to speak with the ability to make “choices.” To decide one way or means then later alter decisions if the outcome is undesirable or produces detrimental effects to self and perhaps others.

Example, A rapist forcibly exercises its sexual desire on others it determines can not repel its sexual aggression. The act of sexual gratification is not unnatural. The act of forcible aggression that dominates over the will / choice of the victims, in my opinion, is deviant.

Two “adult” people naturally empowered with the will of choice to have a homosexual relationship rather male-male or female-female is their innate human right yet the collective society or community judges the behavior to be deviant or acceptable in public or private.

Western societies are progressing towards an open society and men and women imaginations have freedom of expression in these societies. The societal guard of moral gatekeeper’s – religion doctrines and dogmas are fading in power with Christianity leading the way. Now accepting the mass public growth of new age human / gender expressions coming out in public view.

Even the almighty “Church,” practiced homosexuality in private until their acts of raping children was exposed to the eye of the public yet people still support church doctrines and its role of authoritative leaders supporting and espousing good / right human morals.

Homosexuals choose this lifestyle based on the power of human choice, to decide who or what they desire to engage sexually with strictly for pleasure attainment and sexual gratification.

Gender identity issues in humans, a male or female is mentally convinced it should have been born a female or vise a verse. In my social observable opinion, this social behavior is a complexed mental disorder.

I have no idea what the solution is or if society has the right to correct an individual “desired choice,” to be or act other than what they physically are.

The act of engaging in human sexual pleasure to create another human life ( male-female + sexual pleasure = human life) is not removed from the equation of many humans deciding homosexual lifestyles.

This observation leads me to accept the obvious – Humans are not perfect actors, yet, and the power of the human will is unlimited and has no natural cognitive boundaries.

Finally, my personal perspective regarding the subject of human life with its many good acts and just as many bad acts impress on my soul the feeling of joy and yet many moments of feeling despair. I can only conclude my soul is experiencing what we humans call life.