I’m not one that opinionates about matters with no human substance nor about irrational possibilities ever becoming reality in our daily lives or the future lives of our posterity. The case for Reparations is a real matter of fact (Not Myth) in human politics, morals, and God-given responsibilities to mankind possessing rational sound thinking.


The “Case for Reparations,” is not just rhetoric or a demand for so-called entitlement benefits from the American Government, it is well-defined with great clarity by Black: Thinkers, Lawyers, Museums, Statesmen -and – women, and concerned grassroots organizations.

Concerned Visionary Black American along with other Black people in the diaspora have with all due diligence, taken on the task historically preserving, maintaining the collection of 41 decades of case files documenting America’s institutions, governments, and public displays and events racially / racist motivated hostility, murderous and violent terrorist actions against Black Americans…black-father-628x314

Black Americans make 2017 the year you increase your knowledge and participation in the Black Reparations Movement. A simple act of writing a personal letter or sending an email to your Congressional and State Representatives is active involvement.