Ok family…it’s like this, I never heard of this movie until this past weekend. Some friends went to see Fences and they told me about a trailer for some crazy movie. They describe an interracial couple (Black Male/White Female) going home to meet the young lady’s family. Then they talked about being shocked at how Black People were being kidnapped after being lured to this town. They were pissed…imagine going to see a movie like Fences and having to watch a trailer as described above.

My peeps couldn’t remember the title of the movie because they were so pissed. I had to go to YouTube and search on the term kidnap black people in movies and I found it.

The movie is titled Get Out. Watch this trailer and tell me what they hell are these people who mad this movie trying to say.

I think this is some more Bull****! Why make this!

Damn, I almost published this commentary too soon…I was pissed and decided to calm down and find out who the hell did make this ish. Turns out this so-called horror movie was created by Jordan Peele (pic below). Yes, that is his wife.


Nuff Said.