Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation’ Is Not Just Another Slave Movie

I stand corrected, the “Movie Birth of A Nation,” by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not “just another slave movie.” Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of the 1915 White racist silent epic movie Birth of A Nation (originally titled the Clansman) which glamorized America’s Jim Crow Laws which still influence today’s national racist viewpoint which today still limits and discourages Black Americans collective participation in the American society – this racist heart beat continues today…dredscottportrait_0

Nate Parker reasons for usurping the title – Birth of A Nation – remains an open question to me though after viewing the movie at a local cinema house I have self-rationalized possible supportive reasons why Nate Parker titled his movie creation the same.

Nate Parker, ‘Birth of A Nation’ revealed the mental awakening of the historical Nat Turner mental development and spiritual obligation to take the reigns of Black liberation / leadership in his hands. First by freeing his mind and others from mental slavery which ultimately lead up to a violent rebellion against local White slave owners followed by laying down his life at the end of a hangman rope but realizing beforehand he and others challenged the impossible odds of uniting all local captive Black slaves to rise up alongside him against White slave owners in 1831. Nate Parker revealed Nat Turner revolt was objectively comparable to three decades later (1861) when history experienced the American Civil War.

Whereas Northern White men raised up together to fight a bloody Civil War against Southern White men April 12, 1861. White southerners innate racist desires were to hold Blacks in a state of mental niggerisms and physically maintain Black people in all Southern States perpetually enslaved for untold future generations in America Southern societies including newly acquired Western Territories. Nat Turner and his courageous comrades in arms determined similarly like Northern Whites that the proliferation of slavery in the US must be destroyed.

Here we are today Black America where too many descendants of x Black slaves still suffer from mental niggerisms and self-hatred manifested in today’s Black communities which experience oppressively disproportionate rates of a variety of social ills, all manners of criminal activity, and group self-destruction in the American society. Nat Turner 1831 slave rebellion was an act of great defiance against the greater White racist , institution of slavery.

In this Black man mind, Nate Parker 2016 movie ‘Birth of A Nation’ is consistent with the present state of Black America remaining in need of a revolt not physical but a mental revolt. The descendants of x Black slaves remain subjects of mental slavery and have yet to set themselves free of the collective mind and actions of niggerisms. Rebelling against self-hatred is the duty / obligation of Black America, not White America. The late Black Revolutionary Poet, Gil Scott-Heron coined the saying  “The revolution will not be televised,” meaning, Black America’s revolution can only occur in the minds and civil actions of the descendants of x Black slaves.

Ending note…I recommend Nate Parker movie worthy of viewing for all Americans. Especially by Black American Christian followers / believer’s having faith in the teachings and principles of the Bible similar to that of Nat Turner. Black Christians step out of your religious houses not for the sake to be entertainment but to conceptualize why the historical Nat Turner faith and belief in God made him a Black Christian Warrior determine to release and free Black slaves from American slavery. Black Americans today suffer from the mental bondage of niggerisms and must be set free from this self-hatred, if you determine to aid in the mental liberation of Black America you must first liberate your mind like Nat Turner spiritual obligation lead him to set his mind free and his people minds free, TM.

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Is Black Lives Matter Movement a Grand Scheme From Outside the 416 years Black American Struggle?



Black History Check…Has the #blacklivesmatter movement “usurped” the Black Liberation Movement? I believe so what are your thoughts Black America?

Furthermore, taking talking points from black lives matter movement officially recognized website – – reveals the movement co-founders are three “admittedly,” Queer (by their definition) Black women, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. The three women shared motivations are outlined to established power and influence in the Feminist / Gay / Transgender communities (new millennium social movements) which have successfully gained power and influence in all, American social institutions.

Black Americans, are we to believe three powerless Black women transformed the 461 years Black American Liberation Experiences and Struggles without the support and input from a source outside of the Black American community, if so, Why isn’t that source mention in their manifesto, nor anywhere else on the official black lives matter movement website?

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A Reminder to Wisconsin Republican Supporter’s – Is Scott Walker The Best Choice for Wisconsin in 2018?

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To Wisconsin Republican voting populous, Does anyone find it incomprehensive that millions of dollars in dark money supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Political Rise to Power – State and National – (Obviously dethroned from the national stage) yet Scottie is reported to have outstanding campaign debts in the neighborhood of one million dollars? Uhm!!!

Uhm…An acronym for “upcoming horror movie” – American Politics is Dirty Business. Or, Uhm…A reminder to Wisconsin Republican voters, Please do not cast a vote for Scott Walker ever again.

The American political arena is in a swirling dirty mess where politicians closet skeletons haunt voting citizens choices and decisions of whom to vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election. Wisconsin republican voters need reminding that Governor Scott Walker was weeded out early from this presidential campaigning season. I ponder the question, did republicans on the national stage of politics determine Scottie’s dirty laundry was beyond sanitation?

The question today is, will Wisconsin voters remove Scottie as the Governor of Wisconsin in 2018?

Governor Scott Walker skeleton is naked it did not get a chance to clothed in the closet of time. Like, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump political track records. Scotty’s dirty laundry is not befitting future Wisconsin Governor’s – Democrat or Republican.

Scottie dirty laundry needs to be sanitized then buried in archives marked “never to be spoken of again” to prevent its pathogens from spreading into the future of Wisconsin politics – Wisconsin republican supporters it’s up to you, in 2018.

TM…Trust me, I am not affiliated with either political party but I do vote my “Black American” political conscience in every political season, local and national. 

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Why a “Wheel Tax”Now, County Executive Chris Abele In the Aftermath of City, County, and State of Wisconsin Politicans Gladly handing over an Estimated Futured Forcast Half Billion Dollars in taxpayer funds to Out of State Hedge Fund Billionairs

Oh, this is such a good idea presumed County Executive Chris Abele – “there is no way to avoid it.” Previously hated Wheel Tax, proposed in past county budgets.


I ask  myself, Am I experiencing “Deja Vue?”

King Abele solution is similar to his taxpayers funding offer to building a new basketball arena in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Selling downtown prime real estate land for $1.00 which was estimated to be worth in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars to further entice the out of state hedge fund billionaire owner’s to keep the basketball franchise in Milwaukee.

In that “brilliant deal,” Wisconsin taxpayer’s funds were used by State, City, and County top government leadership in a back door collaborated deal. By eliminating / abandoning partisan lines which resulted in this same solution – raise taxes on the poor and shrinking middle class Wisconsin residents and robbed Wisconsin taxpayers funded coffer’s by cutting well-deserved taxpayer funded programs e.g. UWM system – to avoid the out of state hedge fund Billionaire owners threats – to move the basketball franchise out of state.

These two hedge fund billionaires more than likely after the deal was sealed went smiling to the bank, saying to themselves, “Wisconsin political leadership was easy pickings.” That is what swindlers / con artist say after they have a great day of easy pickings.

I ask myself, Did County Executive Chris Abele meet with Mayor Tom Barrett, and Gov. Scott Walker to collaborate on a solution to save Milwaukee County Transit from his reported “financial doom,” in the same manner they did to keep the Bucks franchise in Milwaukee, WI. (Bad deal for Wisconsin taxpayers but good deal for the billionaires)

More than likely these (assuming of course because what common citizen knows what happens behind politicians closed doors), three smiling politicians did not collaborate with Chris 2017 County Budget but the outcome of Chris 2017 Budget is the same, raise taxes on the working poor and shrinking middle-class residences in the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

And the beat goes on in America. Democrat leadership raises taxes on American citizens and Republican leadership hand over common citizens taxes dollars to the wealthy and rich (See Donald Trump income taxes paid in the past two decades, lol) that do not pay a fair share of taxes on their income.

Wealthy Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and others like him rich people tax brackets truly believe “there’s no way to avoid it,” but to squeeze more and more taxes from America working poor and “disappearing act” of the working middle class.  In fact, when was the last time Milwaukee county residents viewed Mr. Abele’s income taxes?

My two cents is worth the same as anyone else two cents. American politics is design to benefit the concerns of the rich and wealthy under a massive guise its first concern is design for commoners. Well, I beg to differ with political leadership gross misuse of common taxpayers dollars in the American society.

Politician, really careless about the political concerns of commoners. Judging by the increasing populous of dissatisfied commoners in our society is growing out of control of the hands that feed misinformation in our society. This new populous of dissatisfied citizens will soon breach the social and cultural walls that divide commoners in the American society. When this breach occurs in our society, well, only time will reveal the path this social storm will take (TM, October 4th, 2016).

Tell you what American Commoner’s, send this memo (Add a personal touch if you wish.) to all your political representatives in Washington, States, City and County halls of government.

Dear Politician,

I have a shared commonality idea to further support taxpayer funded and supported entities in States, City, and County localities in the  American society – Raise taxes on America’s rich and wealthy citizens equal to, if not greater, than taxes imposed on the working poor and working middle-class American citizens.

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