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I am a recent UWM grad with a bachelor's degree in journalism. My goal is to have my own television show where I can reach out to my people. I also desire to have a youth center for inner city kids struggling to find guidance. I will be starting a radio show in summer 2012...Brown Sugar & Spice.

Gay Marriage Debate: Black Church vs. NAACP & President Obama

The NAACP has announced it's backing of same-sex marriage following President Obama's announcement supporting gay marriage. The announcement comes in the midst of backlash and speculation of whether President Obama's expressed support will hurt his campaign among black voters in... Continue Reading →


Michelle Obama: “I Would Be Beyonce”

Our first lady Michelle Obama, who has showed a display of class and elegance in and out of the White House, recently told People Magazine that if she could be anyone else, she would choose to be R&B diva Beyonce.... Continue Reading →

Wife of Black Enterprise founder dies

via BET News Barbara Graves, wife of Black Enterprise magazine publisher and founder Earl Graves Sr., passed away early Friday morning at age 74 from gallbladder cancer. Ms. Graves was instrumental in helping her husband launch Black Enterprise magazine in 1970, and held every major position at... Continue Reading →

The New Sisterhood: Teenage Pregnancy Pacts

Our teens are fighting in a war that they can't handle themselves. This is just one of the many "pregnancy pacts" that teenage girls in communities and schools across the country are participating in. The girls create these pacts to... Continue Reading →

TMD’s Shakara interviews Mikel Holt

Hello again family, I hope you were able to check out the first episode of the UWM campus TV show I founded, The U-View. On the second episode, I interviewed Mikel Holt of the the Milwaukee Community Journal. You will... Continue Reading →

TMD’s Shakara & Wonder Woman on TV!

Hey family, I invite you all to take a moment out of your day to watch The U-View, a TV show I founded on UWM campus television. My guests last week were The Milwaukee Drum's very own Wonder Woman and... Continue Reading →

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