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Queen Ifama

I have an easy way of writing, which is how I actually. Grammatically incorrect on many occasions, I KNOW you know what I am talking about and excuse the nit-picking. I am a word warrior, who knows and understands the power of the spoken word. I will give you my thoughts on what I see happening in the world, and why I think it is happening, especially as it impacts people of African descent. I seek the truth, which I know, can make some uncomfortable. We can no longer hide in our fantasies, wishful thinking and HOPE. Yes, someone has to do it.

Here We Go Again

This is a preview of the upcoming "An Endless Battle".  I am asking myself, why is it endless?  Why have the government not been able to curtail the drug flow that enters this country and finds it way to these street... Continue Reading →


Who’s Transporting Your Children?

I have always had an issue of busing children from their neighborhoods to schools that are far away, that process has disrupted neighborhoods and the comradery associated with walking to school everyday. But over the years my fears have been validated when... Continue Reading →

What About Those Politicians, Do They Represent YOU?

Many of us use politician and representative when we discuss those who we elect. But there is a difference and it is in the language we use every day. Understand word meanings can give you insight to why people do and say things they do. Now I undertand the meaning of both and see the DEVILS for who they really are.


Afrofest is the MOTHER of African World Festival. She gave birth to it, the concept of it and since the child went delinquent, MAMA has come back to set things right. Can we have both? You bet we can!!

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