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Mr. Tony Muhammad

I am a Watcher of the human soul relationships with social, political, and economic forces that produce social ills that affect all people. When the masses become dissatisfied to the extreme of a united cry for justice that exposes socially implanted falsehoods in the minds of the masses the collective mind of humanity will rise up in opposition against whom or whatever they perceive to be the oppressor suppressing the human soul. When the human soul is free from enslavement, all manners of social ills will cease in life. My published opinions, commentaries, and reports are inspire by my life experiences, human events, and historical data. I am not a racist nor divider of common causes and problems all people share in the world community. Rather my intentions are not to incite the divisions that already exist in societies influencing all political spectrums but to press on the conscience of my group members the power of unity and collective thought plays in providing our group with better social balance in a competitive society and culture as found in the American society. A Black man life in America is unique and distinctive from other races in the American society. A social need is screaming in the American society to establish productive Black Americans unity based in race pride to produce cohesive contributing citizens in the American society. Black unity in effect would reduce considerably many of the social ills destroying the American society. The White Americans majority role in controlling and directing all social institutions in the society is the unaddressed problem causing these ills to persist and grow decade after decade. White males historically and social-culturally are fearful of Black Americans. White males have deliberately placed social cabal mechanism e.g. clubs, associations, unions, think tanks designed to keep Black Americans from uniting in the American society. White people believe in the power of race pride and remain bound together by this innate human behavior. I expose American racism systemic social and culture institutions - historical and present-day - that exacerbate ongoing race issues thereby nurturing American racism historical traumatize effects on Black American citizens. On the other hand, from a human perspective, not race perspective, wicked people with their controlling powers are prepared to crush the awakening masses orchestrating organized mass protests against social systems designing mass populations of mental slave’s Black and White. Whenever the masses themselves adopt rational thought processes in their everyday lives, the ills of this world will soon disappear causing wicked people welding power of influence (mass deceit and trickery) to end. It is the mind of a slave that awaken individuals must correct to destroy slave makers power and influence in the enslaved mind of individuals. Righteous conduct practiced by awaken men and women that sacrifice personal desires to possess inordinate quantities of material things is a power once harnessed in the minds of individuals will eliminate all miserable conditions of man, women, and child on this planet. Practically all religions of the world are corrupt by the power found in false doctrines and myth that controls believer's innate fears of life consequences and innate desires for the rewards of life. Wicked people enslave the collective mind of humanity by manipulating and religious order and practices with similar worshiping practices or like practices. Humanity is intoxicated, by all manners of misconduct and non-productive social behavior that wicked people enjoy controlling and manipulating to return enrichments to their lives while they live. I realize all falsehoods must be dispelled by righteous men and women of all races working together to build and grow a righteous humanity that dispels the many falsehoods controlling the enslaved minds of the masses. Only the passing of time knows for a certainty the human circumstances or events that will usher in the truth that will destroy falsehood in the collective mind of humanity. I write to see with my own two eyes that glorious day.

The Presidential Appointment of Donald Trump What it Means to This Black man…



White America finally elected a Corporate Fox, Greedy Fat Cat, Master in The Art of Tricknology or Machiavellian Ideologist (Two Faces) as the President of theses United States. And the so-called Leader of the Free World.

President Trump and his hidden handlers are slicker than ‘Tricky Dicky Richard Nixon,’ which was exposed or caught with his hand in the master cookie jar yet his hidden handlers were never exposed.

We as a people must not forget White America regards all Black American citizens as the #1 “Undesirables,” in these United States. Of course, too, too many of us reject this fact willingly and for the most part unknowingly about our history living or surviving within this society of hateful people.

I know for a certainty it’s my soulful and spiritual duty as a wide awake Black man to constantly act as a reminding voice…

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Black Americans make 2017 the year you increase your knowledge and participation in the Black Reparations Movement – The Case for Black Reparations is Mounting and Gaining Momentum in African and Western Societies –

I'm not one that opinionates about matters with no human substance nor about irrational possibilities ever becoming reality in our daily lives or the future lives of our posterity. The case for Reparations is a real matter of fact (Not... Continue Reading →

Black History Check (Where is my Money America?) January 1, 2017

Black Americans are not formerly taught that before the Revolution War thousands of White and Red Slaves worked alongside Black Slaves in the 13 Colonies and other territories Westward in North America. After the R.W. was won by the 13... Continue Reading →

The Collective Mind of Humanity is Imperfect – Why Condemn Each Other?

Humans are hard wired so to speak with the ability to make "choices." To decide one way or means then later alter decisions if the outcome is undesirable or produces detrimental effects to self and perhaps others. Example, A rapist forcibly... Continue Reading →

Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation’ Is Not Just Another Slave Movie

I stand corrected, the "Movie Birth of A Nation," by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not "just another slave movie." Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of... Continue Reading →

Is Black Lives Matter Movement a Grand Scheme From Outside the 416 years Black American Struggle?



Black History Check…Has the #blacklivesmatter movement “usurped” the Black Liberation Movement? I believe so what are your thoughts Black America?

Furthermore, taking talking points from black lives matter movement officially recognized website – – reveals the movement co-founders are three “admittedly,” Queer (by their definition) Black women, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. The three women shared motivations are outlined to established power and influence in the Feminist / Gay / Transgender communities (new millennium social movements) which have successfully gained power and influence in all, American social institutions.

Black Americans, are we to believe three powerless Black women transformed the 461 years Black American Liberation Experiences and Struggles without the support and input from a source outside of the Black American community, if so, Why isn’t that source mention in their manifesto, nor anywhere else on the official black lives matter movement website?

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