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Not Your Daddy’s COINTELPRO: Obama Brands Assata Shakur “Most Wanted Terrorist”

Assata Shakur could not have been named “most wanted terrorist” without the explicit approval of the first black president and his attorney general. In doing so, they have declared open war on the black liberation movement, something that J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO were only able to do in secret.


SOTU 2012…Disney Meets Washington

As I tucked my kids in for bed last night I was not the only one telling fairytales and painting dreams of a most vivid and vibrant future and a “happily ever after.” I was joined by President Obama in fantasy and fiction telling. As we lay our “kids” to bed in the hopes they are nourished in the dreams and alternate realities we lay out for them, what did we really say? NOT MUCH!! Although I was preaching from the gospel of Disney. Mr. Obama’s fairytale should have come from the Brothers Grimm!

Brother Akbar Muhammad’s Comments To Milwaukee (audio)

  A book to be published titled : "Tragedy of Barack Obama The 1st Black President" Recommends Milwaukee establish a serious Black Think Tank  

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