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African American Families

Who Is The Nigger? James Baldwin


Why we get together?

How much of what ails us today as a society could be remedied by some old fashioned love and togetherness? The kind we share at the "get-together." Its a beautiful Spring day, Im sitting out on the front porch watching... Continue Reading →

America’s Need For A Black Political Party In The 21st Century…January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2100

If I may offer some clarity about Black Americans today supporting the Democratic platform. It is true Black Americans once supported the Republican Party. The two political parties began to flip-flop membership in 1964. Our freed forefathers and mothers who... Continue Reading →


Why should Black / African-Americans that are descendants from slaves repatriate names from their original lands in AFRICA? During slavery thousands of our fore-fathers and mothers were offer the opportunity to enter payment agreements for their freedom from slave master's who... Continue Reading →

Exposing the Milwaukee Machine Misuse of Federal Grant Funds Targeted to Fight Poverty

The Milwaukee Machine led by Tom Barrett and his Citizen Elected Crony Leadership and Private Business Cronies, could not sway The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to overlook Federal policies and rules this time around.  I wonder why this... Continue Reading →

A People Economic Health Determines its Level of Poverty. Milwaukee’s Black Community is Bleeding Out! Obviously, what's telling about this demographic map is the Black community is color green. But what matters in our society than where or what community American citizens resided is the flow of Economics-v-Poverty. The color green represents the demographics of... Continue Reading →

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