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Has Black America Become Its Own – Worst Enemy! Part II

It is what it is, but what are we going to do about it? Continue reading

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Uncle Ruckus of the Week: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Did you ever see the Dave Chappelle Show and catch the skit of the Blind, Black Racist? No, don’t worry because I’ve posted a video of a person who is not just against his own people, he hates women. For … Continue reading

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Black Conservatives Tell US Who WE Are

This video clip supports my last post…WE have people who see themselves more aligned as a political party than as Black People. This is very telling how these panelists sit on their high horse talking about Black people as if … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman Needs Your Support!

Wonder Woman Needs Your Support!
Right Wisconsin is looking for their “RightWisconsin/RightWoman.” I am offering my services. So I am humbly asking for your vote. . You do not need a subscription to enter here or nominate anyone!! Continue reading

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