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Black Images In Media

Drum Movie Review: “Get Out” Ok's like this, I never heard of this movie until this past weekend. Some friends went to see Fences and they told me about a trailer for some crazy movie. They describe an interracial couple (Black Male/White Female)... Continue Reading →


Press Release: Launch of NUWLA

WHERE DO THOSE BLACK DOLLARS GO?  Black consumers have a purchasing power of nearly 1 trillion, according to the recent State of the African-American Consumer Report from information and analytics company Nielsen. Sadly, less than three cents of those dollars... Continue Reading →

(Originally Posted 5/6/2010) Throwback Thursday: (video) Roots… Did It Change You?

In this famous scene, Kunta Kinte is whipped and refuses to accept his slave name of Toby. He was our hero and our hope of Power and Rebellion against the oppressor... they broke him (US).  My People please listen to... Continue Reading →

Are Your Hands on the Rope Lynching Bill Cosby

Why would Monique Pressley, a Black woman and secondly an attorney, take an unsubstantiated case against Bill Cosby? Answered simply because it is a high-profile case and she is making her mark as an attorney at the expense of destroying... Continue Reading →

Who Is The Nigger? James Baldwin

Bring Your A Game pt. 1 – 3    

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