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Black Male Unemployment

Bring Your A Game pt. 1 – 3    


The Black Conservative Town Hall 2013

FOX’s Sean Hannity Show hosted a Black Conservative Town hall and since then this video has spread like wild fire. It brought up issues many people liberal and conservative alike could relate to. Blacks began to find that there are... Continue Reading →


Residents of Milwaukee's Bronzeville neighborhood and city officials are expressing outrage that a Dollar Tree store is opening at W. North Ave. and N. King Drive, instead of the full-service grocery store that had been promised.

BETRAYED: Mahlon Mitchell Supports Scott Walker on Residency Requirement

As the old cliché goes “politics makes for interesting bed fellows.” So is the case of Scott Walker and once rival challenger Lt. Governor Mahlon Mitchell. Mitchell has left the reservation of the Democratic stable to support the Republicans and Governor Walker in lifting the residency requirements statewide.

Milwaukee In Top 3 of 40 Worst Cities in America for Black Men Not Working

There seems to be no national and few local plans to change this modern American Catastrophe... percentage of employed, working-age (16-64) black males in these cities:      Detroit     43.0    Buffalo     43.9     Milwaukee     44.7 Cleveland     47.7    Chicago     48.3    St. Louis     51.3    Philadelphia     51.7    Phoneix     52.0     Cincinnati 52.6    Indianapolis     52.6    Richmond    ... Continue Reading →

Saving Black Boys Discussion to be Held at UWM April 12th…Get The Word Out

Hello. I am writing on behalf of Dr. Gary Williams to invite you to a discussion entitled "Saving Black Boys" to be held at UWM on April 12, 2012 at 6:00pm in the fireside lounge. The program will consist of... Continue Reading →

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