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Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation’ Is Not Just Another Slave Movie

I stand corrected, the “Movie Birth of A Nation,” by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not “just another slave movie.” Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of … Continue reading

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Where is the Missing Link to Solving Police Brutality and Police Overuse of Deadly Force

There is always time for sound rational reasoning since as a group our backs are not up against a wall – yet – meaning we must consider and take into account we as a group is not totally under physical … Continue reading

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Standing Rock _Message to Black America

Blacks and Native People of America still catch hell from White America – Why? Continue reading

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#NPR, Asked a Few Black male Milwaukeeans – What is it liked being a Black man living in Milwaukee?

#NPR asked, What’s it like being a Black man living in the City of Milwaukee? #BLKinMKE   My answer to the question if asked, “It depends on the mindset and social-cultural awareness of the Black man, woman, or child.    … Continue reading

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