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Daniel Bice No Quarter

A Reminder to Wisconsin Republican Supporter’s – Is Scott Walker The Best Choice for Wisconsin in 2018?

Uhm...An acronym for "upcoming horror movie" - American Politics is Dirty Business. Or, Uhm...A reminder to Wisconsin Republican voters, Please do not cast a vote for Scott Walker ever again.


#NPR, Asked a Few Black male Milwaukeeans – What is it liked being a Black man living in Milwaukee?

#NPR asked, What's it like being a Black man living in the City of Milwaukee? #BLKinMKE   My answer to the question if asked, "It depends on the mindset and social-cultural awareness of the Black man, woman, or child.   ... Continue Reading →

Nonqualified Gov. Walker Supporter Gets Taxpayer Paid State Job

How do you not love Dan Bice? This goes out to my friends who will make an excuse for the governor's nepotism... politics as usual people. So much for that Big Government bullish and how people working for the state... Continue Reading →

Bice Exposes Stone-Harris Financial Arrangement To Deliver Black Voters

Family - Let me start this off and be fair... the comments I'm making are based upon alleged financial arrangements between Jeff Stone and Lamont Harris. No crime has been committed and until Harris admits he took money from Stone... Continue Reading →

Millionaire & Wanna Be County Executive Chris Abele Has Bice On His A**

Daniel Bice is the reason I don't use my government name... this cat doesn't play and like I've said in the past, don't let this man smell your piss around this city or he'll come after you. Bice's latest target is... Continue Reading →

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