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Meet Naima Adedapo, The Beautiful Flower!

Though we have a segment on the Drum, "Milwaukee At Its Worst," here is "Milwaukee At Its Finest!!" In case you don’t know we have a Milwaukee contestant in American Idol. Her name is Naima Adedapo and she is definitely one of Milwaukee’s finest! I hope you will take some time to support her tonight and throughout as her competition is fierce. Our voting numbers have been weak so we need to show up and make our voice heard for this amazing hometown talent.


Update On Real Housewives Of Milwaukee

I was the first to drop the scoop about The Real Housewives of Milwaukee last month - It's True Real Housewives Of Milwaukee Is Coming... Well your boy is going to drop a little more on you today. Check this... Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Needs A Star… Jennings Can Be It

Brandon Jennings is that rare basketball player that can do whatever he wants on the court at any given moment. Jennings is also that rare baller that combines amazing basketball skill with the public relations swagger! Without a doubt, he'll... Continue Reading →

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