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Milwaukee Charter Schools


We have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O'Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!!


No Longer Stuck… in the Valley of the DOLLS

This piece is being written specifically to hopefully shed  luminance on the BLACK DOLL, WHITE DOLL Syndrome: Why a Black child will chose a White Doll over a Black doll. This started first coming to the world's wonderment when in 1939,... Continue Reading →

Say What?…Black families protest the NAACP?

Here is another example of the news you don't get because it exposes hypocrisy within the ranks of liberal groups.

HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. I can only think what one thing remains constant. The DEMOCRAT Party's Choke Hold On the Black Community!

While You’re Waiting for Superman, Wonder Woman Is Already Here!

We all agree we want to see our kids get ahead but the main sticking point is the wasteful spending in the districts and the notion that the unions run the show not the taxpayers. It is a simple concept, not one student should go without out if our districts would be fiscally responsible and not beholden to unions. With all the money we have spent for public education, we are still seeing little progress and even more waste and abuse of tax money. When people recommend merit-based pay or vestment (a secured position) based on achievement, the unions run away from these things. Why do they keep fighting for the rights of bad employees, wasteful boards, and downright criminals? Why do they not embrace forward thinking programs regarding the competency of their teachers, secretaries, and all public education workers? Or for that matter fight for programs that are educating our kids effectively before fighting for Viagra?

Components of Gov. Walker’s Bill Regarding K-12 Education

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Administration website and look up "Budget in Brief" to find this and other information regarding the budget. The Drum received this document from a Waukesha County School District resident. These memos were sent out to... Continue Reading →

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