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Milwaukee City Employees

Ald. Wade to join calls for creation of Office on African American Affairs

MEDIA ADVISORY  Ald. Wade to join calls for creation of Office on African American affairs Milwaukee Common Council member Willie C. Wade will join Milwaukee County Supervisor Khalif Rainey and State Rep. Leon Young in front of the Milwaukee County... Continue Reading →



We have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O'Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!!

BETRAYED: Mahlon Mitchell Supports Scott Walker on Residency Requirement

As the old cliché goes “politics makes for interesting bed fellows.” So is the case of Scott Walker and once rival challenger Lt. Governor Mahlon Mitchell. Mitchell has left the reservation of the Democratic stable to support the Republicans and Governor Walker in lifting the residency requirements statewide.

A $treetcar Named $egregation

To make this streetcar “user friendly” Mayor Barrett must eradicate the “unwanted.” As riders and new businesses move in, we will be moved out!! Remember what happened at Northridge? Been around there lately? Well the same arguments are being made here. This “white rail” is the catalyst to making downtown and surrounding areas more attractive to potential streetcar riders. We will be out of sight and out of mind once and for all!

HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. I can only think what one thing remains constant. The DEMOCRAT Party's Choke Hold On the Black Community!

Text of Governor Walker’s Budget Address

Our budget lays that foundation, by freeing taxpayers to create jobs in the private sector, by limiting the size and scope of government, and by focusing our government on meeting core priorities. Where we must make reductions, we do so wisely, by giving local governments the tools to save even more money than overall reductions in state aid. As I have said before, our constitution says, “the blessings of a free government can only be maintained by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality and virtue.”

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