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Murders in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Driver and 15-Year-Old ‘SHOT DEAD In REVENGE’ After 2-year-Old Was ACCIDENTALLY Hit By VAN


Morbid Tours To Revisit Black Milwaukee’s Horrific Past

Jeffery Dahmer was a very sick person who did a lot of damage to Milwaukee, especially black Milwaukee. The families of the victims went through hell and still live with the pain of his horrific acts to this day. On this Saturday, March 3rd, Bam Marketing and Media will begin giving tours of Dahmer’s hangouts and pick up spots to a sold out group of equally sick people who want to see his old stomping grounds.

Candle Light Vigil For 2011 Homicide Victims In Milwaukee Decmeber 30th at 6 pm

Candle Light Vigil For 2011 Homicide Victims Tabernacle Community Baptist Church, 2500 West Medford, Milwaukee WI Friday, December 30, 2011 6:00pm Mother’s Against Gun Violence (MAGV) is an organization in this community trying to help stop the violence in our community. Please join us in supporting these families and praying over them and saying ENOUGH bloodshed in our community.

Cease Fire Sabbath Sunday: Innovative Way to Fight Crime or a Waste of Time?

Why in the hell are you going into churches when you should be on the streets with this message? For seven years the mayor and several important staff members including District Attorney John Chisholm, embark on the inner city and other “trouble” spots to preach non-violence to THE CHOIR!!!!

Ald. Hines We Need You To Be LOUDER!!!!

I have a profound respect for Common Council President Willie Hines. In fact, I'd really like him to run for Mayor of this city... that's for another time as I wrote about that several weeks ago. This time my thoughts... Continue Reading →

This Ish Has To Stop!!!!

Murder has no color... murder is the most horrible act one person can commit against another human being. I don't think the media makes enough of a fuss about the crime unless it fits a certain profile. The family picture... Continue Reading →

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