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Power & Respect

UPDATE: Black Student Arrested In UWP Noose & Hit List HOAX

UPDATE: Kenosha Co. Sheriff David Beth tells the media Friday night that the threats at UW-Parkside are a hoax.  Beth said one of the African-American female students on the so-called hit-list admitted to investigators she wrote the list.  Beth said charges... Continue Reading →


It Is A Conspiracy: They Killed One Of OUR Prophets Today, April 4, 1968 (video)

It was a political assassination and this government murdered OUR PROPHET and attempted to break US. They gunned Dr. King down like an animal in the wilderness... don't walk around with your eyes wide shut people. G -

The Revolution is Viral

Nig3as are scared of revolution, REPEAT LOUDER!!  That was the stand of The Last Poets, some 40 years ago.  You may have agreed, you may have thought them Negroes crazy.  Either way, you did have an opinion.   Fast forward to 2011;... Continue Reading →

Racism in the Media Pt. 1

  All of us have seen a Disney movie. Whether it was Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, Pocahantas, or The Little Mermaid, we have all seen Disney's attempts to make movies that include all ethnic groups. But is each ethnic... Continue Reading →

The World’s Richest Self-Made Women

From by Luisa Kroll Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Only 14 women in the world have amassed personal fortunes of $1 billion or more--just 2% of all self-made billionaires. Why so few? When Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination for... Continue Reading →

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