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Wonder Woman Needs Your Support!

Wonder Woman Needs Your Support! Right Wisconsin is looking for their “RightWisconsin/RightWoman.” I am offering my services. So I am humbly asking for your vote. . You do not need a subscription to enter here or nominate anyone!!


The Black Conservative Town Hall 2013

FOX’s Sean Hannity Show hosted a Black Conservative Town hall and since then this video has spread like wild fire. It brought up issues many people liberal and conservative alike could relate to. Blacks began to find that there are... Continue Reading →

So Who Really Has Who In Chains?

"Democrats have been controlling black people for a very long time and kept them in slavery with social programs, pandering and taking their vote for granted. Chained to the highest unemployment rate, chained to debt, chained to a 40 percent abortion rate!” Who really has African Americans chained?

The Wisconsin Democrat: Defeated or Determined?

The Wisconsin Democrat: Defeated or Determined? Are you feeling down and out, neglected by your supreme leader, local Dems not in sync with each other and infighting, not sure what the next step is? Here are some reflections and advice for your future!

Conservatives Will Make Sharpton The President’s ’12 Version Of Jeremiah Wright

All you President Barack Obama faithful need to get this brother on the phone and tell him to rethink his alignment with Rev. Al. Isn't it really quiet from the conservative side of the political commentary in regards to the... Continue Reading →

This is Not Your Parents Union Anymore!

The New Union Cartels. For the past few weeks our state has been engaged in a debate over unions and their right to Collectively Bargain and for fair concessions that will keep Wisconsin “open for business.” But fast-forward to 2011, and see what unions have become. They are equal to the fat cat Wall Street tycoons using Collective Bargaining to hold states hostage with unfair demands, moving the pendulum of politics to their side with big money and bullying tactics rival to the DNR and RNC respectively.

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