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Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation’ Is Not Just Another Slave Movie

I stand corrected, the “Movie Birth of A Nation,” by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not “just another slave movie.” Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of … Continue reading

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Is Black Lives Matter Movement a Grand Scheme From Outside the 416 years Black American Struggle?

Originally posted on IT IS WHAT IT IS:
Black History Check…Has the #blacklivesmatter movement “usurped” the Black Liberation Movement? I believe so what are your thoughts Black America? Furthermore, taking talking points from black lives matter movement officially recognized website –…

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Why a “Wheel Tax”Now, County Executive Chris Abele In the Aftermath of City, County, and State of Wisconsin Politicans Gladly handing over an Estimated Futured Forcast Half Billion Dollars in taxpayer funds to Out of State Hedge Fund Billionairs

To: Abele, Barrett, and Walker, guess what? I have an idea to further support taxpayer funded Milwaukee County Transit System and other liked taxpayer-supported entities in the State and American society – raise taxes on America’s rich and wealthy citizens equal to, if not greater, than taxes imposed on the working poor and working middle-class American citizens. Continue reading

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Where is the Missing Link to Solving Police Brutality and Police Overuse of Deadly Force

There is always time for sound rational reasoning since as a group our backs are not up against a wall – yet – meaning we must consider and take into account we as a group is not totally under physical … Continue reading

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