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A Reminder to Wisconsin Republican Supporter’s – Is Scott Walker The Best Choice for Wisconsin in 2018?

Uhm...An acronym for "upcoming horror movie" - American Politics is Dirty Business. Or, Uhm...A reminder to Wisconsin Republican voters, Please do not cast a vote for Scott Walker ever again.


UPDATE: Black Student Arrested In UWP Noose & Hit List HOAX

UPDATE: Kenosha Co. Sheriff David Beth tells the media Friday night that the threats at UW-Parkside are a hoax.  Beth said one of the African-American female students on the so-called hit-list admitted to investigators she wrote the list.  Beth said charges... Continue Reading →

This is Not Your Parents Union Anymore!

The New Union Cartels. For the past few weeks our state has been engaged in a debate over unions and their right to Collectively Bargain and for fair concessions that will keep Wisconsin “open for business.” But fast-forward to 2011, and see what unions have become. They are equal to the fat cat Wall Street tycoons using Collective Bargaining to hold states hostage with unfair demands, moving the pendulum of politics to their side with big money and bullying tactics rival to the DNR and RNC respectively.

UWM Panel Discussion on Juan Williams

Greeting All, I am the President of the Minority Media Association at UW-Milwaukee. On Friday, November 19 at 6:30 pm, we will be hosting a public discussion on the recent termination of Juan Williams. UPDATE: Senator Lena Taylor and Earl... Continue Reading →

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