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Wisconsin Criminal Justice System

A Reminder to Wisconsin Republican Supporter’s – Is Scott Walker The Best Choice for Wisconsin in 2018?

Uhm...An acronym for "upcoming horror movie" - American Politics is Dirty Business. Or, Uhm...A reminder to Wisconsin Republican voters, Please do not cast a vote for Scott Walker ever again.


Candle Light Vigil For 2011 Homicide Victims In Milwaukee Decmeber 30th at 6 pm

Candle Light Vigil For 2011 Homicide Victims Tabernacle Community Baptist Church, 2500 West Medford, Milwaukee WI Friday, December 30, 2011 6:00pm Mother’s Against Gun Violence (MAGV) is an organization in this community trying to help stop the violence in our community. Please join us in supporting these families and praying over them and saying ENOUGH bloodshed in our community.

HOOD WINKED! In the hood, more and more people are starting to see 2+2 DO NOT = 4.

People are waking up to understand that supporting rich union white men means less and less WE get in government benefits and discretionary spending for those of us needing government assistance just to get by these days. I can only think what one thing remains constant. The DEMOCRAT Party's Choke Hold On the Black Community!

The Real JoAnne Kloppenburg

The Real JoAnne Kloppenburg: Abortion Advocate or Judicial Leader? Long after the national media and outside interests leave our fair state, long after the budget cuts set in, long after union unrest and protests and boycotts reach closure, and long... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do With Drug Users… Jail ‘Em Or Treat ‘Em

I think this vid is interesting enough to pose a question regarding The War on Drugs. Should we put drug users in jail or into treatment programs. I want to highlight 90 seconds of the Honorable Judge Joseph Donald from... Continue Reading →

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