Mash Up Mix Of Meade’s Strongest Commentaries

11.8.10 – F.A. Meade commentary on the Tea Party movement, the mid-term election results and how it all impacts the Black Community.  

11.1.10 – F. A. Meade talks to Milwaukee about the tough choices many Black Women face as they desire to be in relationships with Black Men.

10.25.10 – Meade talks to Milwaukee about Racism and its resurgence in America. 

10.11.10 – Meade talks to Milwaukee about the need for Black People to create its own political party.

10.4.10 – F. A. Meade talks to Milwaukee about the Prison Industrial Complex.

9.27.10 – Meade goes in on Bishop Eddie Long and the allegations of homosexual and inappropriate relationships with young men.

9.20.10 – Meade talks to Milwaukee about the Black Church’s legacy, present and future. Unlike any other commentator, Meade explains how President Clinton romanced Black Preachers and President Bush bought them off with his Faith-Based Initiatives.

9.13.10 – Meade gives some brief thoughts on Michael Vick. He gives a deep critique on politics and power. He explains how we fail to understand it and use it to our benefit.

9.9.10 – Meade makes his explosive debut on the Earl Ingram Radio Show. He talks about the impact of intergration, Black Empowerment and how Black People have been failed by President Obama.