Urban Cartoons

From the Executive Producer of The Proud Family, Wendy Wu: Princess Warrior and Moesha comes Da Jammies, a 3D animated musical sitcom that follows the lives of five diverse “tweens from the suburbs” who attend a performing arts middle school. Novelist, Dolla, MoMo, Seven and LaLa study singing, dancing and music in hopes of one day achieving their dreams of super stardom – and learn big life lessons along the way. Bringing a fresh new approach to family programming, Da Jammies features hip-hop dance, music and fashion never before seen in animation. Da Jammies tackles the sometimes difficult lessons of growing up today and never loses its fun, engaging approach.


2 Responses to Urban Cartoons

  1. MilwNewsProducer says:

    Kind of glad this show never got picked up by a major network.

  2. Sittinducks says:

    Thank you for posting this series by Dr. Pookrum. It is the first of this series I have come across that has good sound. As a medical insider, she is laying out a case of genocide. The war on Blacks is multifaceted.

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