Marcus Garvey speech 1921

“Explanation of the Objects of the Universal Negro Improvement Association” is a studio recording made by African-American leader Marcus Garvey in New York in July 1921, and adapted from his longer speech “A Membership Appeal from Marcus Garvey to the Negro Citizens of New York”.

Dr. Na’im Akbar, Prof. Florida State University

Africa Is The Nucleus Of Knowledge

Rameses II Didn’t Look Like Yul Brynner

Our Collective Genius

8 Responses to Ourstory

  1. Joe says:

    It appears to me that there is no such thing as an African American Leader. If we had one maybe we would not be leading in all self destructive catagories nationwide. The African American Politicans don’t seem to give a damn, the police don’t seem to give a damn as long as we destroy each other only. We have absolutely too many young people going to jails, prisons and cemeteries and no one from the Black Community with the ability to make a difference don’t seem to give a damn as long as the results of savageand selt destructive conduct don’t affect them personally….African Americans have the resources and the ability to restore civility and personal responsibility to our communities just don’t seem to give much of a damn anymore. It seems that the practice of not holding other Blacks accountable for their
    self destructive practices and behaviors are non productive and self destyructive and will eventually adversely affect all elements and classes of Blacks and the entire African American Community. We as Africans don’t need outside help, we need to start helping ourselves. Needing outside help is a copout
    for attempting to justify illeterate and uncivilized behaviors . The problem will not improve if we sit around and complain about not getting outside help. We must wake up. We, ourselves are the ones who have done this to our race….Only we can correct the problem….

  2. Anonymous says:

    well said joe. we need to get it together and fast

  3. Bre Reasby says:

    What I’m hearing from you guys sounds like the bystander effect. Everyone’s looking for that Dr. King, but no one is actually willing to take a stand to the chaos. If you feels as though an issue or situation is unjust, do something, campaign and try to eliminated it. Don’t look to others to take on such a big step but take risks amongst yourself. That’s what I believe in. Nothings going to change it the complaining is continued. It starts off small. SOCIAL JUSTICE VS. CHARITY

  4. Bre Reasby says:

    Hello Milwaukee Drum. My name’s Brenda and I’m a student majoring in communications/journalism. I adore writing on strong topics about issues that occur in my community. I think my writing is an attention grabber and I’m trying to get it out there. I’ve contacted the Community Journal and Weekly Times but it feels as though I’m being ignored. This is what I love doing but at times my OWN black people are slamming doors in my face.


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