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Black History Check (Where is my Money America?) January 1, 2017

Black Americans are not formerly taught that before the Revolution War thousands of White and Red Slaves worked alongside Black Slaves in the 13 Colonies and other territories Westward in North America. After the R.W. was won by the 13... Continue Reading →

The Collective Mind of Humanity is Imperfect – Why Condemn Each Other?

Humans are hard wired so to speak with the ability to make "choices." To decide one way or means then later alter decisions if the outcome is undesirable or produces detrimental effects to self and perhaps others. Example, A rapist forcibly... Continue Reading →

Black Votes Matter? Where’s the Proof?

Author: Matthew C. Stelly November 9, 2016 Every election cycle I end up getting into debates with people about the power of the black vote. Each time I give my views and these pro-system “negroes” react as if I’ve insulted... Continue Reading →

The Drum Undercover at Gun Show in 2011 (Video) The Drum went undercover with Earl Ingram 5 years ago to see what a gun show was all about. The majority of Black People in Milwaukee have not been to a gun show and fortunately, we were able to... Continue Reading →

“Warrant Withdrawal Wednesdays” Start Today at Municipal Court

Starting today, the Milwaukee Municipal Court will be holding special walk-in sessions to lift outstanding warrants on the first three Wednesdays of this month. There are more than 100,000 outstanding municipal warrants in the City of Milwaukee, Alderman Khalif Rainey... Continue Reading →

The Milwaukee Writers’ Circle Book Launch Breakfast

Milwaukee Writers’ Circle holding book launch breakfast with authors Event will showcase anthology book written by seventeen authors, meant to promote the cultures and traditions of Milwaukee   Milwaukee, WI: Today, The Milwaukee Writers’ Circle, a community of experienced and... Continue Reading →

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