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Earl Ingram 1290 WMCS

Milwaukee NAACP Taking Heat From Community

Last week, the NAACP celebrated its 100 year anniversary. The highlight was a speech by President Barack Obama. Locally, the NAACP has been under fire by many in the Black Community. Jerry Ann Hamilton (Pres. NAACP) and Wendell Davis (1st... Continue Reading →


Update: The New Voice Of 1290 AM

We heard from the principals of yesterdays post this morning. Earl Ingram and Michael Harper posted comments that Harper will be a replacement only on occassion for Ingram. We were correct in stating that Harper will be the New Voice... Continue Reading →

The New Voice Of 1290 AM?

Have you been listening to The Evening Rush with Earl Ingram during the past few weeks? Have you noticed that a certain gentleman seems to join him in studio several times a week? Does the name Michael Harper ring a... Continue Reading →

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