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Wisconsin Black Students’ Reading Scores Rank Lowest in United States

The achievement gap in Wisconsin between white and black students was the highest in the nation in both math and reading for fourth- and eighth-graders, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the nation's report card.


Important Information for the People

1.Wake Forest university has an opportunity for minority students to attend its MBA program for FREE, and so far, the response has been very poor. Please pass along this opportunity to your friends, families. This is a great school and... Continue Reading →


We have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O'Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!!

Education and Rights, what exactly is a Right?

Rights or wishes, there is a difference. Here is an example of the entitlement mentality which propelled "healthcare reform" now applied to education. Heck next we'll be getting our mortgages paid for and a car to go with it! Absurd as that... Continue Reading →

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