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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

Standing Rock _Message to Black America

Blacks and Native People of America still catch hell from White America - Why?



We have a chance to try and change things THURSDAY NIGHT 6:30 at Central Offices located on 5225 W. Vliet in the Donald J. O'Connell Memorial Auditorium. We need to support our vision, to invest in central city schooling and curriculum rebuilding. Now is the time we need to defend MPS!!

About Last Night: Wisconsin Recalls Round 1

Wisconsin Democrats turn out to support anything but Collective Bargaining & Unions. For over a year now Wisconsin has been plagued with red shirts and blue fists, protests for union solidarity, fleeing senators, and Collective Bargaining. However the person who steered way far away from unions came out victorious.

TMD Heard: Ald. Willie Hines To Be Next Secretary of the Housing Authority

A few days ago, The Drum was contacted by one of our friends who has ties to the Housing Authority with news of a succession plan. According to this source, current Secretary Tony Perez will be stepping down and Ald.... Continue Reading →

Hines Starting To Use New Media In Mayoral Bid

Some of our readers have been hitting The Drum's inbox during the past few weeks advocating for more favorable coverage of Mr. Hines. Have some of us been critical of Mr. Hines? Yes, at times there are things said which... Continue Reading →

Sen. Darling Making Moves On MPS Buildings, Alderman & Mayor Ride With Her

What do you think about the sale of MPS buildings that are presently vacant? And what is the deal with all this renewed focus and energy on MPS by pols? G -

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