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America’s Political Systems Needs Revamping

Americas political system and government outcomes needs revamping in “targeted” areas of its three party system. I realize this means amending the Constitution. Particularly taking power from the Congress, Judicial and Presidency. Specifically speaking, Congress power authorizing its members to … Continue reading

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Paula Deen Blatant Racism or A Whoopsie?

Is it acceptable to support Paula Deen knowing what we know now with current proof of racial slurs and actions? Why are White Americans supporting her and what does this say for White and Black relations in America in an Obama presidency? Continue reading

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First off if Dollar Tree moves forth it is in large part because Black Milwaukee did not seize its “AH HA” moment. The power is now in the hands of Black Milwaukee and Black Milwaukee alone.
SIGN THE PETITION, CALL THE MAYOR/GOVERNOR & DOLLAR TREE (Does it really take that much time? For something that will impact us for generations to come). Hell there is an online petition how hard can it be to make your power felt?

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The NAACP and Gay Marriage – a Must Read Article

I am not debating the gay marriage issue. I am debating if it is the priority of the NAACP. With so many needs that are pressing for African Americans, shouldn’t there be some more pressing issues that the NAACP should be addressing right now (jobs, education, poverty, etc…)? As our leading group of African American issues, is it not time the NAACP make some demands of this president before we support another term?
Please read this article from and you decide, what should the NAACP be addressing right now.
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