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Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes program

Charlie Sykes Show TMD Some Love

Check this out... Charlie Sykes posted a link (today) to a TMD story we published back on February 22nd about the racist email his colleague James T. Harris received. It only took 6 months for Sykes to find this story... Continue Reading →


Sanders On Mikel Holt’s Role On Sunday Insight

How the Charlie Sykes show uses Mikel Holt as a foil to make points has become almost legend. And, Holt’s acceptance of this role would be confusing, if it were not so sickly representative of a genuine Uncle Thomism 101.... Continue Reading →

Audio: James T. Harris Defends Comments On Charlie Sykes Show Today

WTMJ's management must have been hearing it from some of their audience over James T. Harris' comments. Take a listen to Sykes lukewarm defense of Harris... listen to some of the callers take on what Harris had to say. Harris... Continue Reading →

Behind The Scenes Of The Charlie Sykes TV Program

Guess what happened on the Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes program yesterday? A source from WTMJ told me that Mikel Holt (Community Journal) "blew his stack" after James T. Harris commented during the Winners and Losers segment. The source also... Continue Reading →

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